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What is Reflexology?

Our feet, which bear the weight of the whole body, allow locomotion and do a lot of work. However, they are the least pampered part of the body. To pamper your feet and keep them strong and flexible, and avoid pain later on in life, a daily foot massage for at least half an hour a day is recommended. A regular foot massage along with reflexology helps in promoting physiological as well as physical health.

Reflexology is an ancient healing practice based on the principle of reflex points on the feet that correspond to the body’s different organs and glands.

In reflexology, pressure is applied to these reflexes on the feet, promoting better health and a relaxing session. Here are some health benefits of foot massage and reflexology:

  • Reflexology can improve blood circulation

  • Provides satisfaction and relaxation

  • Promotes better & healthier sleep

  • Provides body relief

  • Improves mood and helps depression

  • Makes feet healthier

  • Alleviates swelling (edema)

In addition to being healthy for the body, reflexology and other types of massage we provide can be a relaxing experience. Our massage therapists provide the best, most relaxing and satisfying experience, that you will love your massage sessions every time you visit us!

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