East Foot Spa is known for our exceptional reflexology sessions and our relaxing foot massage.

We offer reflexology combos (right), which is a combination of foot rub and head, neck, shoulder massage.

Reflexology COMBOS

40 min $29

30 min foot rub+10 min head, neck, shoulders & arms

60 min $39

45 min foot rub+15 min head, neck, shoulders & arms

60 min $49

40 min foot rub +10 min head, neck, shoulders & arms + 10 min back

70 min $59

40 min foot rub+10 min head, neck, shoulders, arms & 20 min back

90 min $65 (was $85)

45 min foot rub +15 min head, neck, shoulders & arms + 30 min DETOX

Regular/Table Massage

30 min $50

60 min $59.99 (Limited Time Only)

90 min $110

Table Massage Combos

40 min $45

20 min foot rub + 20 min table massage

60 min $65

30 min foot rub + 30 min table massage

80 min $90

40 min foot rub + 40 min table massage

90 min $100

30 min foot rub + 60 min table massage

Chair Massage (Acupressure)

10 min $20

20 min $30

30 min $40


$8 Herbal Foot Bath

$8 Aromatherapy Oil


Traditional foot steam therapy was established more than 2000+ years ago and is still extremely popular in China today. Traditional steam therapy usually consists of boiling herbal medicine while the clients typically have their legs sitting in a wooden steam barrel, steam being generated from the boiling medicine will permeate the whole body achieving specific health purposes consistent with the herbs used. Steam therapy integrates the characteristics of water bath, medicine bath, steam bath, and herbal medicines of Tibet, directly acting on blood vessels, advancing blood circulation, dredging meridians, reconciling Qi and blood, expelling toxins, removing blood stasis, cleaning skin and beautifying the appearance, etc.

Who can benefit from foot steam?

  • Recovering patients

  • People with busy schedules

  • Physically weak children

  • People with heavy household duties

  • Middle-ages and elderly with sore and painful waist and back pains